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Religious violence

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India 'religious murder' case: Donations for suspect blocked

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His Defense of Hindus Was to Kill a Muslim and Post the Video

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Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Atheism is on the rise in the UK, but discrimination continues around the world Getty Images. Blessed be, and Amen. From Pastor Jenny Peek. Pocatello Unitarian Universalist Fellowship:. In our precious life together, may every voice be heard and may this be a pleasing sound of compassion, peace, and justice for all who would listen.

From His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama:.

5 Insane Religious Cults That Actually Exist

All religions offer help to humanity. Especially when facing difficult situations, all religions offer hope. Therefore, we must respect all religions. From Ellen G. When someone with a connection to Islam commits a crime, every Muslim faces suspicion. The analysis presents some challenges.

Should the answer be based purely on a body count? Professor Juan Cole casually estimates that Christians chalked up roughly 50 times more violent deaths than Muslims across the past century.

It just demonstrates a high level of efficiency. To answer the question we need more than a raw death toll.

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When measuring violence, should grievances count as mitigating factors? When a Christian Lebanese militia spent two days in a besieged Palestinian refugee camp raping and slaughtering civilians under Israeli supervision , ought they be excused by the previous Muslim slaughter that inspired it? And should the Muslim slaughter be excused by the Christian slaughter that inspired it?

Who is guiltier, the chicken or the egg? Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists will all point out the ways their religion embraces compassion, humility, and humanity. They will all be correct. Their detractors will point out the ways their foundation texts promote violence.

Which religion is the most violent? - Washington Times

They will also be correct. The word Islam actually means peace in Arabic, which might imply pacifism. Judaism emphasizes justice and humanity, inspiring Jews to become advocates of the oppressed in every society where they have influence.

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Let that be a lesson to you. And a potent lesson it remains, enough to inspire violent Jewish souls today who would advocate hanging Arab children.