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Retired U. Army Col. Ward Nickish, an expert in soldiers who are missing in action, will be the featured speaker. Also on the program is a performance by jazz artist Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.

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Linda Cox also spoke to Shawboro Ruritans about her project, which focuses on helping homeless students. Although there are federal laws to help address homelessness, Linda Cox said funding for them is short, while the needs are increasing. She noted that increasing numbers of students now live with persons other than their parents because of a bad home life. She said those students often fall through the cracks of charity support systems.

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Linda Cox said although educators are legally required to keep students' names confidential, they can provide a head count of homeless students in an area, along with their needs. Barco has been a Shawboro Ruritan since the early s and is a past longtime recording secretary for the club. Marv Alphin, 73, has been a club member since He and his wife Shea, came from Chicago, where he sold crop protection chemicals. Beickert said he and his wife, Amie, got involved in the club in after their eldest daughter received club scholarship funds to help her attend Appalachian State University.

State University. Matt Beickert said he was glad Guy Cox encouraged Ruritans to attend the national convention. The first Ruritan club was chartered in in Holland, Virginia, and the national organization is currently headquartered in Dublin, Virginia. Booming benefit.

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Shawboro Ruritans turn 70, hear national president. More Stories. Jimmie Johnson. Sami Whitcomb, Briann January. Natasha Howard, DeWanna Bonner. Baseball Expanded Standings. Michael Murillo, Luis Mejia. By William F. West Staff Writer Thursday, September 27, He taught Greek at Southwestern Seminary, from He held the position of Dean the last six years at Southwestern. He served as president at Howard College from Williams most noted literary work is his translation of the New Testament into the language of the people. Moody Press In , Dr. Williams returned to Shiloh and served as pastor until The broadcast continued until Shiloh Church has also be influential in political affairs.

On April 12, , the first Congress adopted the famous Halifax Resolves. The last paragraph of the Halifax Resolves reads in part: "Resolve, that the delegates for the Colony in the Continental Congress, be empowered to concur with the delegates of the other colonies in declaring Independency The Provincial Assembly met again in Halifax, in November of that same year. One of Abbott's assignments was with a "committee to form, and lay before this House a Bill of Rights, and form a constitution for the government of this state. Dempsey Burges was a member of the majority of the congress convened during the Revolutionary period, including the two at Halifax, in Burges became Lt.

According to Baptist Historic Papers, in , the deacons of Shiloh Church were asked by the newly elected governor, to serve as Magistrates and Conservators of the peace, until the machinery of state government could be put into operation.

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In , Shiloh church history added a new page. Earline Revelle was ordained as the first woman deacon to serve in the church and served Shiloh Baptist Church as an active deacon for three terms. In May of , Shiloh Baptist embarked on a more relaxed style of worship. The Early Worship Service began.

It provided a relaxed atmosphere with Praise and Worship Music, a condensed version of the sermon for the Worship Service, and a more contemporary worship experience. This worship experience still goes on in Additional information is available from:. This tract of land, later called "Danson Manor", was shown on the map which Edward Moseley published in William Burgess purchased a large section of Danson Manor and moved his church family, organized in , to Portohonk Creek. A new church was built for the Baptist congregation. The church acquired the name "Shiloh Baptist Church" in Before long, many people moved into the area and the bay fronting Danson Manor developed warehouses for shippers.

Windmills were built along the bay. Ultimately, five windmills dotted the bay and the first name given to the area was Milltown. Click to Enlarge. Later as land travel became more accessible and people moved inland, the area became known as Shiloh, probably deriving its name from the Baptist Church.

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Shiloh became the official name for the area when the post office opened in The Baptist Church now existing in the township of Shiloh was built in Squires, Dr. As It Stands Now. Historic sites in the Courthouse Township of Camden include a church, a Masonic Lodge, and several houses of historic significance. The church was built on land donated by Thomas Sawyer shortly after Picture was taken about It was built in a Greek Revival architectural style, and serves as a social gathering place for the Masonic Order in Camden County.

According to the National Register of Historic Sites, the period of historical significance for the building itself is somewhere between and , with the actual date of construction unknown, but was probably built sometime prior to Below is the house that belonged to Caleb Grandy, Camden's first Sheriff. The house was built in , and still stands. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

It's construction date is inscribed on one of its chimney bricks. The brickwork is of Flemish bond design with glazed headers. Milford House features plastered cove cornices, which are unique in colonial architecture south of Maryland. In the pictures shown below, farm animals can be seen, and thus it is easy to surmise that the house was once part of a farm or plantation during the height of its hayday back in the 's.

His fate was to be born a slave in Camden County, N. But he found a way, through hard work and a strong intellect, not only to endure but to prosper, buy his freedom and tell his life story to abolitionists, who used it to enlighten people about the evils of slavery. His was a hard existence cutting timber and running boats along the snake-infested Great Dismal Swamp Canal. He also worked with white merchants bringing goods into port in Norfolk and Portsmouth.

It was not uncommon for an owner to allow slaves to engage in private enterprise as long as the owner shared in the profits. Grandy earned enough money to buy his freedom three times - the first two times his masters stole it and kept him in bondage. After finally being freed, he earned enough to buy the freedom of his wife and other relatives as well. For the full Virginian Pilot story, Click here.


He was his mother's youngest child. At least eight of his brothers and sisters were sold by his master, Billy Grandy, to other slave-owners. When his master, Billy Grandy, died, the slaves owned by Grandy were divided among Grandy's children. Moses and his mother went to Grandy's son James. Moses was about 8 years old at the time. Moses new master James Grandy was also 8 years old at the time, and so as was the custom at the time, until the owner came of age the services of any slaves that he owned were auctioned off on a yearly basis at the County Courthouse each year in January.

This was a common practice for slaves owned by masters who were under aged. During his youth, Moses was hired out many times, to both good and bad employers. Sometime after James Grandy came of age, Moses married a slave belonging to Mr. Enoch Sawyer. This would be his 1st wife. She was later sold to a Mr. Rogerson, while Moses was working on a boat. When they came up to me, one of them cried out, "Moses, my dear! She cried out to me, "I am gone.

Rogerson was with them, on his horse, armed with pistols. I said to him, "for God's sake, have you bought my wife? He drew out a pistol, and said that if I went near the waggon on which she was, he would shoot me. I asked for leave to shake hands with her, which he refused, but said I might stand at a distance and talk with her.

My heart was so full, that I could say very little.

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I asked leave to give her a dram: he told Mr. Burgess, the man who was with him, to get down and carry it to her. I gave her the little money I had in my pocket, and bid her farewell. I have never seen or heard of her from that day to this. I loved her as I loved my life. Even after coming of age, James Grandy continued hiring the services of Moses out to others. One of Moses employers, a Mr. Grice whom Moses had served faithfully and developed a sort of friendship, advised him that he should try to buy his freedom from his master.

Moses had, after all, been very good at obtaining profit for those whom he had worked and had been able to save a portion of his earnings for himself.

Shawboro Ruatian Club

So he went to his master, negotiated a price, then set about earning that amount and paying his master in portions getting receipts along the way until it was paid off. When the final payment was made, his master tore up all the receipts and refused to grant him his freedom papers. While Moses thought he was free, he was not and he was sold to a Mr. Trewitt by James Grandy. Grandy's sister, a Mrs. Grice felt bad about the whole deal and sued her brother James on behalf of Moses in an attempt to obtain Moses freedom.

The courts sided with James Grandy, saying that Moses and all he could do belonged to James and that he had a right to do as he pleased with him and all his earnings and property until he had taken him to the Court House and given him his freedom papers. As a result of the court case, the sale of Moses to Mr. Trewitt was made to stand. Clarification: Moses paid his masters a cut of his earnings from employers for which he was hired out. Moses agreed to this arrangement. Trewitt failed to grant the freedom papers, sending Moses instead with a letter to a Mr. Mews regarding a mortgage that had apparently been taken out on Moses himself.

Apparently, Trewitt defaulted on the mortgage and the ownership of Moses again changed hands. Mews informed Moses that Enoch Sawyer wanted to buy him. This was not an arrangement that Moses was altogether in favor of, but Mr. Sawyer twisted his arm by way of refusing to let Moses see his wife Moses 2nd wife was a slave owned by Enoch Sawyer, just as his 1st wife had been. Moses relented and agreed to be sold to Enoch Sawyer. Sawyer had made an agreement with Moses whereby Moses would pay Sawyer a certain sum over time for his freedom, and when it was all paid his freedom papers would be given to him.

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Sawyer's business fell on hard times and he had to sell off some 18 slaves, his share of the swamp, and 2 plantations. Moses was one of the slaves that Sawyer kept. Moses was made to work the fields with the rest of the slaves after this. Life was difficult, harsh, and often dangerous. Moses was forced to endure continuing hardship of seeing his wife abused and could not say anything about it for fear of being beaten or worse.

He often saw others beaten, sometimes to death. Moses did his work to the best of his ability, and it was hard work. He was not used to such hard field labor, and the rations served were so small that he was starving. After 8 months working in the fields, he went to his master and told him that he could not stand being in the fields.

When his master asked why, Moses said it was because of the harsh overseer supervisor in the field who would not give them enough food to keep them from starving. Sawyer agreed to have the overseer give each slave an extra pint of meal or corn each evening that would serve them the next day until breakfast which didn't come until noon. Sawyer gave Moses a signed paper saying he would take that amount for his freedom. Moses then hired a horse and set off for Norfolk, to see some of the employers with whom he had worked in his youth.

The first one he met with, Captain Edward Minner, agreed to provide the full amount and the next day went with Moses back to Camden to procure his release from Sawyers service.

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  • Upon finding Sawyer, Sawyer refused to let Moses go. Minner showed the paper to Sawyer and others present, as Sawyer was at Major Farrance's, at the cross canal. Minner asked Sawyer if the signature on the paper was in fact his own. Sawyer said it was his, but that he had changed his mind. Sawyer, is not this your handwriting? He will repay me the money, and I shall not charge him a cent of interest for it.