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Charles W. Rosenthal, Edward C.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Coaching for Excellence

Dolores A. The complete idiot's guide to greening your business by Trish Riley. Chapman, MA Ed. Paul Coleman. Paul Jeffers. The complete idiot's guide to knockout workouts for every shape illustrated by Patrick S. Hathaway, Michael R.

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And how to be a good mentor is a topic of perennial interest. One of the most important characteristics the good ones have in common is their ability to ask insightful questions, says Lisa Z. And to do that, you need to be inquisitive. Here are eight questions good mentors ask. Asking what success looks like can refer to long-term goals and planning.

However, when applied to a specific situation, it can help determine what the immediate priorities are for a project or situation, she says. Similar to the previous question about what success looks like, this question is effective for situations where there is more than one equally viable solution or course of action, says Jennifer Labin, principal at mentoring consulting firm Terp Associates , and author of Mentoring Programs That Work.

When you start with the specific outcome you want, the best action to take becomes clearer. Since the business world changes at such a fast pace today, focusing on a shorter window—perhaps three years—still allows enough time for creative, aspirational thinking without the distraction of how different the workplace might be at that time.