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Slocum Slocum and the Real McCoy. Book Slocum's got a wagon train going to Tucson—and it's worth its weight in gold!

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A two-bit outlaw is trying to rob Slocum of the gold he's guarding. But Slocum only has time for one thing—taking care of the pretty young Miss McCoy These vultures have descended upon the silver boomtown, flocking together in the business district known as Rotten Row and subverting the letter of the law to swindle prospectors out of their rightful claims.

Only Sam Norton, the lone honest lawyer in town, has been willing to stand against them and represent the miners. But Sam is dying, tended to by his daughter Claire, a firebrand more than willing to continue the fight—and more than willing to share her legal briefs with Slocum as he decides to settle with the corrupt shysters outside of court Slocum Blood on the Brazos.

Slocum has a man's blood on his hands—and a contract on his life!

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Nothing riles up Slocum like a coward: So when some varmint outlaw tried to shoot an innocent boy, Slocum showed the bad hombre some six-gun justice. Now the fool's friends are full of whiskey and venom—and gunning for Slocum! Slocum Giant The Gunman and the Greenhorn. Book 3. Slocum's about to learn that sometimes, the best man for the job is a boy.


And Jack Mitcham is as cheap as they come. Saving on ammo, as Mitcham would say.

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And both Slocum and the boy are looking forward to a hefty reward, should they find him dead or alive. So, after a right impolite howdy-do—including bullets and some blood—the pair realize that two heads are better than one. But first, there are a few things Slocum needs to teach his greenhorn sidekick, like how to hold his liquor, woo a woman into bed—and find footprints in the snow…. More in western.

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Forrest Carter. Josey Wales was the most wanted man in Texas. His wife and child had been lost to pre-civil War destruction and, like Jesse James and other young farmers, he joined the guerrilla soldiers of Missouri--men with no cause but survival and no purpose but revenge. Slocum Slocum and Pearl of the Rio Grande. Slocum sticks his neck out for a woman wronged.

The Booster Brothers—rustlers who raped and robbed her, killed women and children, and murdered her husband—are leaving a trail of blood along the Rio Grande. After Slocum agrees to escort Perla to her ranch, he takes another job —as avenging angel. But before he brings the gang to justice, Slocum finds you ride one hell of a road to carry out good intentions. Slocum Slocum and the Schuylkill Butchers.

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