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He prayed and worshiped for her take a shape in which he would recognize as his love. Their love overcome with emotion nothing will understand and be able to stay. Neither of them perfect but their love together is as pure as it can get.

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Donned was a constant skeptic when it came to the religion of his country and his religious upbringing. Raised a Catholic he constantly fought with the world around him. Donned completed his schooling to only be denied a degree because he refused to take an oath into the Anglican Church.

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John Donned later started to question his stance within the church once his brother died of a fever in prison for providing sanctuary to a Catholic pope. Air and angels are both symbols of purity and comfort.

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Air And Angels Poem Analysis This turn of events caused Donned to begin writing poetry expressing his doubt and shame of being a Catholic as well as his other feelings of love lust and emotions. Annie Bullen deftly captures the atmosphere of the superficially prosperous but emotionally starved Appleton family, whose daughters have so much more in common than they have ever supposed Annie Bullen was born in Hampshire and still lives there with her two children. She works as a journalist and Air and Angels is her first novel. Convert currency.

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  5. New Ed. Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Today's Date: June 26, Love in this poem is not represented as a feeling that is strictly based on outside or shallow perceptions of beauty but rather, it is projected onto the object of the affection in a pure and spiritual sense.

    The mix between this world of the flesh and the world of the pure spirit of love are constantly playing off and one another as earthly and heavenly or supernatural images are juxtaposed. The form that a pure emotion like love takes is the central question and is explored in different ways throughout the poem. The best way to examine this meaning would be to look at the very structure which is at once a unified thought process yet is broken into two distinct ideas.

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    6. There are two sections to the poem, each with its own separate theme and use of language.